What is Textured Hair?

The ultimate goal of Upswing is to help you discover your BEST you! An integral part of how we feel internally comes from how we look externally, and hair is a large facet of this.

Though there are numerous definitions, classification systems, etc. UpswingMe feels we live in a multi-textural world, where race or ethnicity, do not necessarily define your hair-texture. However, there ARE realities as black, biracial, & ethnic women have historically been relegated to the “black-hair aisle” and have been classified as having an “African-American texture.” While we won’t argue with history, we are about creating an efficient and fun way for you to find your quality stylist, salon, & products for YOUR unique hair texture.

With that our users frequently rely on two typing systems. One more generally explains the “Four Main Hair Textures” (Straight, Wavy, Curly, and Kinky [Coily]) and is eloquently defined by Dickey, celebrity hairstylist, and Founder / Creator of Hair Rules, here (http://hairrules.com/tips-trends texture.cfm).

And the users of NaturallyCurly.com have refined Celebrity Andre Walkers’ hair types system into an alpha-numerical system shown below and found here: http://www.naturallycurly.com/hair-types

You may find some Upswingers classifying their hair by either system, and this is a personal choice! No two strains on your hair are identical so – whatever your method, don’t get too carried away – It’s just HAIR! But however, you CAN search our directory to find the stylist you can teach you all about YOUR hair type, now!

Photo Courtesy: Texture Media, Inc. 2012



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