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UpswingMe began in April 2012 with the goal of improving the way kinky, curly & wavy-haired women discover, learn, and buy the beauty services and products they love and use everyday.

We all ask our friends & our favorite hair bloggers about hair products and styles we can use, but sometimes, our hair textures are just different, we want a different style, AND we just want someone else to do it! But WHY is it so difficult to locate a stylist! We are sick of it to, so we’re creating a solution that we hope will be the game-changer!

One review at a time, we are answering the questions, “Who Does Your Hair?” and “Who can manage MY UNIQUE Tresses?” Whether you are relaxed, natural, or full of locs, braids, wigs, or weaves, Kinky, Curly, 4C, 3A, or your favorite color is 1B,
UpswingMe is the new website for you because we live in and serve a multi-textured, multi-styled world.


In essence, its’ a new platform that connects textured-hair women to the quality services and products they deserve through a loyalty network. Through online users reviews, local search capabilities, and social networking functions, Upswing empowers these women to locate stylists, salons, beauty supplies, give feedback on their value (Learn about the Touchstones™ here), and then buy their products and services.

Initially targeting kinky & curly-haired women, our empowered community of Upswingers, hair & beauty bloggers, and hair care professionals, will be able to discover, talk, & learn about all things textured-hair, while building brand loyalty and brand advocates for salons, stylists, and brands, online AND offline! It’s a WIN-WIN for all!

And wait till you see what we’ve got in the works – It revolutionizes the Hair Game, and puts money back in your wallet…


For now, we are growing and we can’t do it without you! Please join our community and help us put control back into our own hands. Bring two (or ten!) friends online, review a stylist / salon based on the Touchstones, and come back to learn more tips & tricks from the community. Because whether your relaxed, natural, or a lover or wigs, weaves, locs, or braids – you ALWAYS need a “Go-To” stylist for that special occasion (Wedding Bells!), maintenance (Trims & More), or general pampering!

Good Hair…is Healthy Hair. Join us now, by filling out your profile here and reviewing your stylists here.


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