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** Overall Experience **

The Overall Experience score is aggregated from your 5 star ratings based on the Touchstones below.  Use the reference below to aid with writing reviews. Additionally, please ensure your reviews and constructive and positively framed. For additional help, view our community guidlines here.

5 Stars: Great

4 Stars: Good

3 Stars: Average

2 Stars: Poor

1 Star:  Very Poor



1) Quality of Style

How do you feel about your ______ (insert cut & color, weave, braids, locs, relaxer…etc). Will the style remain in place for days after your visit? Do you receive compliments? Was the weaving, braiding, etc. strong? Were you pleased with the outcome?

2) Insights & Product, Tools, & Touch (PTT)

How is the stylists’ knowledge of your natural hair texture? Was he able to offer advice for healthy hair maintenance? Did you enter feeling welcome and leave feeling empowered with knowledge and tools to make your style last? – Were products used that enhance your hair texture and/or address your hair concerns? What line of products was used? Were the tools sanitized? Was a wide-tooth comb the standard? When braiding or weaving did the stylist have “soft” or “rough” hands? Were the braids secured smoothly or was your scalped pulled on?

3) Value

Do you feel you got “your money’s worth?” All stylists work at different price points for different reasons – the Value Touchstone attempts to let your fellow Upswingers know whether a visit is worth their time and money.

4) Time

Was your appointment on time? Did you have to wait to begin your appointment? Were you “in and out” or did you spend your day at the salon?

5)  Atmosphere (Environment & Courtesy)

– Was courtesy a cornerstone of your visit?  Was the salon welcoming? Were the patrons friendly? Did you feel a unique “culture” when you walked in? What extras does the salon provide (water, wine, nails, makeup, etc). Was the reception friendly? How was the aura of the salon? Was it an open-air
salon, private booth, or a hybrid? Do they allow children?


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