Review Guidelines

1. What Does a “Great” Review Look Like?
First and Foremost, a good review is informative and honest. We created the Touchstones to bring clarity to the process of finding your ideal stylists, and as a structured alternative (rather than unabashedly negative complaint or obliviously happy praise) to highlight a real & reflective personal experience with a hair stylist or salon. In other words, a review will speak to continuing loyalty with a stylist or moving “on to the next one.” Love or hate, express your visit in a why that will help another Upswing make an informed decision.

The most useful reviews – will be on services you’ve received in the last year and hit on all six touchstones, while being mindful of community ettiquette and constructive criticism. Your voice is unique and the more detailed your response, the more you help your fellow Upswingers! But don’t be afraid to keep it fun and show your personality! Remember — it’s your hair, let’s make sure it’s on the Upswing!

2. Who or What Should I Review?
Almost any and everything kinky and curly hair related that you’ve had first-hand experience with. The purpose of UpswingMe, is to create a go-to resource for where your word-of-mouth ACTUALLY GOES to get their hair done or USES to make beautiful tresses. Remember your individual voice and continue to keep it real!

3. Can I review a product I was given for free for the purpose of reviewing?
Why, of course you can – but please make sure to disclose it! Product giveaways are at times, the best way for people to engage with new product, so review them, but then let your fellow Upswingers (and readers!) know! It’s actually the law! And since we love you and want to to contribute to our community as much as possible – check our the legal rules about promotion & adveristing, click here

4. Can I Review A Salon or Stylist or Product for which I was paid to review?
We want Upswing to truly solve a pain point. We are always bombarded with false adveristing (we have been for years) and Upswing is all about clearing through the noise. As a result, you should not write reviews if you were paid or encouraged directly or indirectly from a business or the service or product being reviewed.

If you are an employee of the business company of a service or product you may still submit reviews as long as you were not asked or required to do so. Also, please disclose your relationship with the company, we trust that you’ll help us maintain our integrity and ultimate goal!

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