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We spoke with Angela Giles, an independent stylist working from one of Los Angeles’ largest black hair salons, Spa 313. She specializes in what she coined texture correction, bringing her clients hair from breakage and uneven texture to long, strong hair. 

With her commitment to promoting healthy hair, she has become an incredible resource for hair care tips (her YouTube page has more than 1.5 million views!), and gave us some great tips to keep kinky-curly hair soft and moisturized. Check out our chat with Angela. 


How did you begin your journey as a hair care professional?

I’ve been a stylist since 1991. My very first significant impact was working with my mentor, Risa. In the first year that I worked with her, she kept me at the shampoo bowl learning how to do the basics of hair care and per

forming those tasks over and over. I first learned how to shampoo and coat hair. She drilled this one task in me over and over.


About 90% of her clientele had long, healthy, shiny hair and I fell in love with it and learned how to care for women’s hair to promote growth and keep it healthy. From there I learned different styling techniques like weaving and more about hair care.



It sounds like you can create a lot of different styles. What do you specialize in?

I specialize in scalp issues and texture correction. I pay attention to my clients’ hair and how it responds to different treatments and products and customize my techniques to their specific  needs. Many of my clients’ hair takes different products. So, I will mix two to three to four different products together. For example I’ll use one product for the scalp and one for the ends in order to shampoo effectively.

With these techniques, my clients know I am not going to do anything to risk the health of their hair.


How did you develop your expertise?

I’ve been caring for African American hair for 22 years and I just know it extremely well.  I have gotten to the point where I can smell a woman’ hair or just see a picture of it and understand what they need and what they’ve put in it.


What kind of client experience do you like create?

Spa 313 is pretty accommodating. We have an outside patio and free WiFi. I offer my clients the option of total privacy, where I will not take any other clients during their visit. Additionally, I want to share my knowledge of maintaining healthy hair and make sure they have the tools to maintain their hair.


You began your own product line called Living Well, what was your goal in creating this line?

I saw a lot of issues in my clients’ hair and I wanted to develop something that treated their issues from the scalp down to the root. My product line is sulfate-free and made from all organic products to exfoliate the scalp and moisturize the hair.


What is one hair care tip that women with kinky-curly hair can use?

When you deep condition, condition your hair for a half hour to one hour. This extra time makes a humongous different if you have kinky-curly hair. It brings it to life. Then, once you rinse out the conditioner, apply some apple cider vinegar and leave it on your hair for another hour. Apple cider vinegar helps to keep your hair incredibly soft and is an extra detoxifier to keep the build up off your hair.


Interested in scheduling an appointment with Angela? See what her clients say about her on our review page.  


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