And… Sometimes We Have Flakes: How to Keep It Under Control

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Real talk now. Dandruff can be a problem. It has many causes including dry scalp and product build-up, but one thing that you should know is that you cannot get rid of it by scratching it off.

Our Upswing stylist, Angela, at Spa 313, names scratching your scalp one of the biggest hair care mistakes kinky-curlies make. She explained that you have to think of your scalp as skin. There are layers to it. It’s helpful to scrub off the dead layers every once in a while, but tearing into your scalp with your fingernails or a comb can be very damaging and will actually do the reverse, making those flakes even more numerous and noticeable. This is because all that digging breaks down into the deeper layers of your scalp, causing lots of damage.

Try a hair and scalp treatment instead, preferably one with an exfoliator. A light exfoliator helps remove product buildup and clarifies the scalp while delivering moisture where it’s needed. You can try this scalp treatment from Ouidad, or this all organic hot oil treatment, from Living Well (Angela’s own hair care line.)

Apply the treatment once a month, or more if needed, to let your scalp breathe, improve circulation and revitalize growth. Remember, it takes eight weeks for your scalp to replace itself, so hands off, combs down, and try a scalp or hot oil treatment instead.

We hope these tips help put  your hair on the upswing!

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